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    Ruadhrai O'Bradaigh was a former president of Provisional Sinn Fein in the Seventies.
    At the 1987 Ard Fheis the party passed a motion allowing future candidates elected to Dail Eireann to take
    their seats.O'Bradaigh led a walkout and at the same time conveyed out a volume he called a minute book
    which was supposed to keep legitimate record of Republican leadership decisions which did not break the
    basic principles and rules of the Republican party or undermine their their loyalty to the second Dail(1921-22)
    Though obscure to many this is the central tennant of Republican Sinn Fein. When Republican fronts are
    suggested they always see this as the first and last issue and that others are subject to a test on this issue
    and should afterwards accept the leadership advice of R.S.F. In the years after 1987 it emerged that a
    parallel proccess had taken part among some members of the I.R.A council such that a chain of command
    abiding with the understood norms and reponsibilities would remain in continuity or in other words set
    themselves i.e the purists up as the legitimate Army council from then on.

    The I.R.S.P emerged out of a bitter fued with the Official I.R.A and the creation of the I.N.L.A
    During the period several more I.N.L.A/RSP were killed than vice versa. Later the I.N.L.A suffered a number
    of fatal internal fueds thus reducing the potential and cohesion of RSP that would otherwise have been thought of as a fairly straight forward hard left militant group.

    The brains behind the 32 Sov Committee were thrown out of Sinn Fein in the early ninties much as Militant
    out of the Labour party. In due course some of their sympathisers began to organise themselves for possible armed struggle in what would become known as the Real I.R.A . The operatives in the later saw
    themselves as filling a gap because of the apparent relative inactivity of the Continuity I.R.A and the fact that some of the leadership of C.I.R.A at the time were seen as a collection of grand dads.

    In terms of anecdoyte I have found that one can have a more sensible conversation with the 32's than with
    the R.S.F which seem to suffer from a lot of inbreeding and delusions of grandeour. Some of the 32's are
    quite thoughtfull and have the modicum of a global view. The problem with the I.R.S.P is you never know what faction you are addressing from the competent to the scarry(one faction got involved with drug pushing). I believe the late Seamus Costelloe founder of I.R.S.P was a very decent man.

    All the above groups would appear to be very issolated. Though there are a lot of dis affected youth in the
    North their actions are very sporadic and are unlikely to accept the ready made leadership of any of the above any time soon. It is hard for the progressive individuals in any of the above to make an impact of the
    broad left in Ireland because many of the champions of the left in Ireland prefer to indulge in the politics of
    condemnation than to encourage evolution or serious debate on ways ahead and working out worthwhile
    mapping out of common ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by st333ve View Post
    Republican Sinn Fein - Graffiti spraying hoodlems
    32 County Sovereignty Committe - Petrol bomb throwing hoodlems
    Irish Republican Socialist Party - The pointless speeches party.
    Eirigi - the picket party that apparently opposes violence but no-one believes them.
    what are you like?

    RSF - dedicated to a UI and to the document eire nua.relatively inactive,many cumainn dontdo anything.but what they do,they do professionally.

    32csm - when did they throw petrol bombs,what the hell are you talking about?
    they are a political pressure group,not socialist, and basically full of ex provos.they have no plan for a united ireland just a simple 'we'll let the people decide what they want'.unfortunately if you go by this logic,the people accept partition now and arent fighting for it so they should respect that by such flawed logic.

    IRSP-formed by seamus costello in 1974,taking many stickies,trade unionists and independents into their ranks.they combine the struggle against imperialism and the class stuggle against native capitalism.a socialist revolutionary party along the lines of connolly and costello.

    Eirigi-similar to irsp in what they say their politics are,mostly ex shinners make up the memebrship.quite active with demo's etc but a question mrk remains over them,with rumours of crossover with psf.time will tell as they are only new,their politics are good though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuizMaster View Post
    Sounds a bit like fight club.
    I doubt if she's in it. She just likes to sound tough.

    i doubt he cares about your 'doubts' or opinions, but thanks for that inciteful post!
    it was a very stupid question,do people honestly think someone would say they were in the IRA on the net.stupid question.
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