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    Quote Originally Posted by LISTOWEL MAN View Post
    look at what 9/11 did for American foreign policy

    it was an excuse to go pretty much anywhere they want
    They wouldn't have needed to do that (9/11) to get card blanche. They could've just played the WMD thing as they did and gone into Iraq anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Nal View Post
    It really doesn't matter. Theres so many guns about that anyone can get a hold of one if they want. Legally or otherwise.
    Every mass shooting carried out in the US is perpetrated by people owning legally held guns.

    No criminal or bank robber possessing illegally held guns has ever done this.
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    5 years since Sandy Hook.

    You would think the deaths of innocent children would cry out for some action, some memorial that says they did not die in vain.

    No fear of that. Donald Trump has made it easier for insane people to purchase lethal weapons, and Congress is considering a law that makes it more difficult for a state to prohibit a gun owner bringing a concealed weapon into the state.

    The NRA continues to pay Congressmen's expenses, and holds the threat of its publicity machine over the career of anyone who opposes it.

    5 Years Ago, A Man With A Gun Slaughtered 20 Children. Very little has been done about it.
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