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    Quote Originally Posted by gaelach View Post
    He called for arrests of specific individuals, without stating the crime they supposedly committed, that's the problem, that's what this this thread is about.
    Whenever anyone asks for someone to be arrested, they ever state the statuterelevant to the incident. Perfect example is here where posters are asking for the man who punched a woman to be procecuted, but don't refer to the specific legislation. Perfectly reasoable, and also for the deputy also. I think that you believed that MCD didn't do anything wrong, and maybe so, but they have a responsibility to use their profits to engage adequate security to provent civil disorder and safety for the people who paid their hard earned cash to attend the gig. The deputy was expressing his point of view that they might have failed in their legal reuirements and may be liable. The Garda are investigating, obviously to see if specific laws were broken, they have a legal fraework to work within. That is what the ATD was speaking about, not so difficult. Many of our TDs are open for criticism are are incompetent, and while this TD might have been jumping on the populist band wagon, pardon the pun, his point was reasonable and simple, seeking profit does not exclude you from your legal responsibilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franzoni View Post
    Whatever about the promotors whoever issued the licence for this to go ahead in somewhere like the park needs to be seriously taken aside and shown the door with a P-45 .....
    Colt 45?
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