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    Irish mothers using DNA paternity services

    Irish mothers who refuse to believe their cherished sons have fathered illegitimate children are among the most popular users of DNA paternity services, it was revealed today.

    A leading paternity testing company claimed its business has rocketed by 80% over the last year in no short measure because of the “great Irish mammy syndrome”.

    Bless 'em their sons are positive angels

    Full story here.
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    Brenda Forde, information officer with the government-supported voluntary agency, said there are numerous possible reasons for a hike in the number of tests being carried out.

    “One of the big reasons is that the cost has gone down considerably,” she said.

    “It’s become more accessible. About nine years ago, when fewer people were carrying out services, tests were costing around IR£1,000.

    “That’s probably around €1300, and you can get tests for about €300 up to about €800 now
    What's the difference between a €300 test and an €800 test ? Maybe for 800 euros, they'll give you the answer you were looking for ...
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    Family mega deal, find out if they're all yours...
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    [quote"Someone on"]OQPS [Ormonde Quay Paternity Services] said one in three of its tests over the past 18 months turned up negative - showing that the male client was not the biological father to the child.[/quote]
    So, it turns out the mammies might be right after all...
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    Thanks for the link, Aindriu. Haven't had such a good laugh in a long time ! "confusion about crisis pregnancies linked to Ireland's drink culture" Priceless.
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