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    2018 a year almost upon us................ Predictions for year

    Ok these were 2017

    Nothing great with more of the same and minimum 2 by elections not won by Govt parties
    Leo makes a move to oust Kenny and fall flat on his face.

    Brexit causes major issues with at least 2 reshuffles and a number of dismissals
    Corbyn continues and drives Labour into the ground.
    Prince Charles becomes King following death of his mother, press demands he step aside.

    Le Pen narrowly misses being elected.
    FN win 40 plus seats in Parliment

    Trump has a good start in first 6 months but inflighting in US Intelligence and a major attack with loss of life >100 on US soil.
    US economy booms.

    Sanctions against Russia get toned down dramatically.
    General easing of tension is positive economically across EU.
    Major Earthquakes/Volcano in Italy kills thousands.
    Merkel replaced in Germany

    Middle East
    Syria war reduces in scope as US pulls its support.
    Qatar / Saudi funding of Sunnis in Anbar province in Iraq cause major war.
    Attempt by Saudi's to incorporate causes shias in Saudi to rise up.
    Yemen............... Saudis pull out after humiliating losses as west forced to pull its support.
    Iran...............Iran/Israel/Russia and US agree a mutual deal that makes everybody content, not happy but content.

    US 2 China policy causes issues with implications for US treasury debt as China offloads.

    Dublin & Kilkenny win All Irelands against Kerry and Tipperary
    Chelsea win Premier league by 10 points
    Ireland qualify for WC2018 by winning group
    Ireland win 6 Nations

    Alien spacecraft enter atmosphere but then leaves
    Good job I didn't bet on much.

    Now for 2018


    GE in May with inconclusive result
    Country still growing strongly
    Housing costs still an issue
    Dublin to win 4 in a row and Tipp to win All Ireland


    May limps from crisis to crisis before GE in June
    Hung parliment
    Major establishment figure outed in Paedophile scandal.

    Trump still President
    Mid Terms provide zero change as strong economy keep voters happy.
    Major Islamic terrorist incident with many lives lost
    US $ struggles as BRICS countries moved well away from it
    Bitcoin collapses as the bubble it is.

    Major incident with Taiwan will military involvement
    North Korea calms down after China gets involved
    US Destroyer fires on Chinese Naval vessel which retaliates with damage
    on both sides.

    Putin relected despite US interference
    Germany win World Cup

    Middle East
    Saudi Crown Prince assasinated from within

    Boeing X-37 Space plane revealed as a resupply vessel to a mission on Mars which already landed.

    Alien incursion with substantial loss of life
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    between the bridges between the bridges is offline
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    Brexit enables the return of the Empire....
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    max99 max99 is offline

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    Quote Originally Posted by between the bridges View Post
    Brexit enables the return of the Empire....
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    Quote Originally Posted by between the bridges View Post
    Brexit enables the return of the Empire....
    The Empire on Strike and on its Back.
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    toughbutfair toughbutfair is offline

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    Muslims and Jews to kill each other over who owns the sand in Israel/Palestine
    Migrant men to try to get into Europe claiming they are fleeing terror , leaving their wives and children behind
    RTÉ and the media to use “crises” in a headline at least once a week
    N.Korea continues to build nukes
    Bitcoin continuing to confuse me
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    gerhard dengler gerhard dengler is online now
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    Quote Originally Posted by odie1kanobe View Post
    Alien incursion with substantial loss of life
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    Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar is offline
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    Michael O’Leary to be replaced as CEO of Ryanair by Father McVerry.
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    The writers of the next Star Wars movie will be as utterly sh1te as the last half dozen (including the current one)

    Some bright spark may mention that we don't have a homeless crisis but a wave of drunks plus a free housing policy for people not from Ireland and that McVerry is a spoofer selling some crap (scrub that, won't happen)

    Bob Geldofs ego finally collapses in on itself and creates a mini black hole just outside his 10 mill mansion in Faversham, the poor did not notice,,

    U2 find some of their old unreleased songs from the 80s and 90s , spruce them up and people start listening to them again. Larry said he couldn't be arsed touring so he went back to plan A, make good stuff and flog it,

    Leo marries Mickey Dee in a civil ceremony on a boat in the Liffey surrounded by floating flower petals and RTE proclaim that day is a national holiday for anyone that is not a Straight White guy, (the BBC are sick they beat them to it)
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    PC Principle PC Principle is offline
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    Irish people will keep telling the world how to run their countries.

    While failing miserable at their own.

    And still won’t be able to figure out how to pay for water.

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    Round tower Round tower is offline

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    2018 will be a better year for me than 017 but that could not be hard, in 017

    2 national school classmates died including best friend for over 45 years
    2 that went to college with me also died
    Still unemployed despite applying for a couple hundred jobs during the year
    Mayo lost by throwing away another All Ire. football final
    Our local junior soccer club got relegated
    ROI failed to qualify for the WC in Russia next year
    Ire. did not get to host the 023 rugby world cup
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