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    Quote Originally Posted by gerhard dengler View Post
    Several religious congregations included the word "hospitaller" in their order's name to designate them as a medical charitable religious orders, starting in the 10th century.
    In that gerhard dengler is heading in the right direction, for once.

    Knights Hospitallers were, as the name suggests, an order of military monks (which, to me, seems a paradox), bound by the Augustine rule. Their first "base" seems to be a foundation (c. AD1048), funded by the merchants of Amalfi, near Jerusalem. By the look of it, the monastic function preceded the military operation. The monies flowed in, and the Hospitallers developed branches not just in the Levant, but across Christendom.

    Come AD1187 Saladin had made them homeless round Jersusalem, and the Hospitallers retreated progressively: Acre 1193, Cyprus 1291, Rhodes 1310, Malta 1530. Confiscations of Hospitaller properties started in England in 1540, and the Order was suppressed around 1798-99. Work out the historical reasons for that yourselves.

    Out of that came the order of precedence in a typical Augustine monastery: abbot, prior, sub-prior, then the "departmental heads", who would include the cellarer andd hospitaller, The hospitaller would be i/c the reception of visitors, strangers and guests (and also of the sick and decayed — but let us not assume that was extended to "non-residents").

    We'd need to remember that "hospital" is the place where travellers and strangers are entertained (i.e. a "hostel" — from the Latin hospes, "guest") — rather than specifically a place of "treatment".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcolm Redfellow View Post
    In that gerhard dengler is heading in the right direction, as always
    I fixed that for you.
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    Such institutions long predate the Crusades, tracing their origins via cathedrals and monasteries back to the time of Roman Empire and these being not just for the comfort of travelers but also for treatment of the ill. For example the first Spanish hospital was established by the Visigoth Bishop Masona in 580AD at Merida. Paul the Deacon writing in the 8th century described the care there as a hospital with physicians and nurses, whose mission included the care the sick wherever they were found, "slave or free, Christian or Jew". Somewhat later Charlemagne decreed that those hospitals that had been well cestablished before his time and had fallen into decay should be restored and that new hospitals should be attached to each cathedral and monastery.
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    The human condition means there cannot be a religious vacuum. As Christianity weakened, the Green religion encroached. The difference is that Christianity cannot be verified in this life, Green energy can!
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