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    I can't have a doggie but one day when the circumstances are right I would love to and I am determined I will get a rescue dog - it seems mean to buy one from a breeder when there's so many dogs already out there desperate for a home.

    I can't remember how I first decided I'd get a greyhound, probably read an article on retired ones, but I am pretty sure I'll end up with at least one retired racer.

    They seem such elegant, lovely dogs and seem to be getting more popular too - I'm seeing more of them about the place.

    They seem perfect for me as they're lazy and don't demand long walks - just a couple of short bursts a day letting them run free seems to do them, then they just like eating and sleeping which are my two favourite sports too!

    They're also a decent size and look like proper dogs as well as being beautiful, but they don't have an horrible macho reputation either. So I won't look like a stereotype queen with either a tiny toy dog in pink bows or a fierce macho dog trying to make me look butch!

    So I might well get an Irish doggie, though the UK racing industry is no less cruel from what I can see.

    As long as the greyhound isn't a FF supporter (or he'll just be naughty and uncontrollable all the time) or an SF supporter (or he'll refuse to take orders from a Brit) it's an Irish grey for me!

    I saw one on a website once which was stunning - it was a pure greyhound but had a spotty coat very similar to a dalmations which looked really special on a non-Dalt dog!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Polaris555 View Post
    Judge a country by how it treats its children and animals. Ireland fails on both counts. Animal abuse and child abuse exist alongside each other, until people take responsibility for their actions we will always live in a world of abuse.


    DOG lovers in Britain have saved hundreds of greyhounds from being abused and killed in the most horrific ways in Ireland and Spain.
    Bronwen Catton, who runs Kerry Greyhounds UK charity, co-ordinates a team of volunteers to save up to 200 unwanted dogs a year from being burned or buried alive in Ireland.
    She wants the Irish authorities to do more to stop the cruelty and close a loophole which will allow old greyhounds to be exported indirectly to China, where they will be eaten.
    Up to 40,000 greyhounds are bred every year in Ireland for racing, but many are destroyed after being injured or failing to make the grade.
    The Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland believes up to 10,000 greyhounds disappear every year. It has called for the owners to be held responsible.
    Bronwen said: “They suffer horrific ends like being hanged, thrown in wells and burned alive.”
    Many have their ears chopped off to remove identification tattoos before being thrown into rivers or hurled off cliffs. A grave with the bodies of seven greyhounds was found in Limerick in April.
    They suffer horrific ends like being hanged, thrown in wells and burned alive
    Bronwen Catton
    Greyhounds exported to Spain allegedly suffer an even worse fate.
    They are run into the ground, then burned alive or hanged from trees. Dogs with a winning record are hanged high up a tree for a quick death but those with poor records are left with their back legs on the ground to prolong their suffering.
    When the Irish Greyhound Board wanted to export racing dogs direct to China, an outcry forced the Irish government to impose an export ban until documentation could show the dogs would be handled in a humane manner. However, a loophole means the dogs can be exported to Australia first, where the Irish authorities will be powerless to prevent the dogs being shipped on to China. - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Ears ripped off and bothered: cruel fate of retired greyhounds
    Not a new story, greyhounds are just like racehorses but without the ethical dispatching part.
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