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This report is written in a rather breathless tone, as if the post-Brexit obvious hadn't previously crossed the minds of the group involved - the "Traveller Movement".

These folks seem to think that after Brexit the Irish should have rights within the UK that others wouldn't have.

Is this complaining driven by the sense of entitlement that is held by some Irish people, or by the sense of entitlement that is held by traveller people?


"Irish citizens living in Britain could be at risk of losing their right to live, work, rent private accommodation and avail of healthcare services in a post-Brexit UK, a new report into citizens’ rights has warned.

Irish citizens in the UK could also lose the right to exemptions from deportation and prohibitions on employment of foreigners once the UK has formally left the European Union in 2019, the report says.


“Throughout history, the Irish community have been a fundamental part of British society and continue to shape Britain for the better,” wrote Lord Alton."
disappointed there mate.... i thought you were goin to say we were gettin a knaxit....