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    zoo this thread, too many nutcases on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by between the bridges View Post
    MP Chris Hazzard...

    'With regards to the spectre of violence - we know and this is what we have been trying to get at - with the Good Friday Agreement we are dealing with an international peace accord.
    'There is a particular context in that agreement set down and embedded, it has nurtured peace and devolved government for the best part of 20 years.
    'But it's a peace process, it is not an event as such. It is always very fragile, it is especially fragile in a post Brexit context.'
    He said a return to border customs posts or any other hard infrastructure would spark a widespread outcry.
    He added: 'And I go even further, an awful lot of the focus has been on maybe dissident republican organisations and threats, but it is wider than that - it goes right down to a feeling of civil disobedience.

    Read more: Sinn Fein warns of vioelnce if hard Irish border returns | Daily Mail Online

    Mind you Shin Flake did say collapsing Stormont would threaten the peace process until they decided to collapse it themsleves alone...
    Come off it Bridget.....the salty tears must be getting bitter....Are the drug dealing loyalist terrorists going to tell Joe Pasquale that she folded quicker than an accordian on the 12th?

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