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    #VinB Mon 01/10/12 - The Latest Bond Payment Debacle


    Tonight's episode will focus on the next bond payment due again as the country struggles to pay for basic services. Constantine will remind us how we are all fecked while Jim Daly will try to spin the latest Government line. Expect Vinny to ask Constantine to explain exactly the situation we are in, only to stop him to say it more clearly.
    Sigh, more navel gazing I'm afraid.

    Update on Norman:
    The end of last week seen the dramatic rescue of Norman who was held captive by Cael and his 'Red Ice Commandos' in Greenland. Unfortunatly, IrishTom was killed in the rescue however Norman made it out and was sent on a new mission to Peru.
    Norman entered the rainforest Saturday Morning Last. Details are slow to reach HQ here in Ireland but we understand that Norman is still alive and well. His mission is to capture the elusive parrot known to us all here on as Polly.
    He has teamed up with former P.iesters; Future Taoiseach and Raheny FG and is on route to a village deep in the rainforest where a known evil barron lives. It is believed Polly resides with him there.
    This is a dangerous mission folks. Time will be critical...
    to be continued....

    What the Journalists Say:
    Protests over AIB bond payment - The Irish Times - Mon, Oct 01, 2012
    Sinn Féin : €1bn Bond Payment further evidence of Government failure
    Government should pay €1bn AIB bond but not IBRC says McGrath Peter Flanagan - Irish, Business -

    What the P.iesters say:

    Mr Kenny - STOP the October Bond payment!
    Peter Mathews: Time To Press The Pause Button

    Glenna Lynch!!! Perhaps third time lucky she may get to speak??

    Aertv | Watch Irish TV live online
    Or tv3 catch-up through: Catch-up TV, Entertainment, News, Sport, Soaps and all your favourite Irish and International shows from TV3

    Escape to Victory (1981) ITV4 23:00 Escape to Victory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Link to Previous Episiode's Thread:
    #VinB Thurs 27/09/12 -The Reilly and Shortall Story Continues'

    From me tonight, Goodnight.
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    This should be a good one.... I feel sorry for the FG'er !
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    LOL...VB back on familiar ground!!....and Constantine back as well.....

    Happy Monday....!!
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    Socratus O' Pericles Socratus O' Pericles is online now
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    I'm gonna give it one last chance!
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    ottovonbismarck ottovonbismarck is offline

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    Not a mention of the bond payout on RTE. Also no more WW2 movies on RTE, as they feel it might upset our German masters.

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    I hope Glenna gets to speak tonight!
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    at last, someone in the meeja is talking about wots going on
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    Ooh...Mountaintop's torn...the Vincent and Constantine show...or Escape to Victory???...a movie so spectacularly cheesey that it's fantastic...

    Mountaintop has some thinking to do about what he should watch....and why he has suddenly started speaking about himself in the 3rd person, like an uber-tool.
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    Jesus i hope Eoin O Broin isnt wearing a cardigan
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    Yeah! Constantine is back!

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