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    #VinB Thurs 27/09/12 -The Reilly and Shortall Story Continues'

    Note: OP will be updated as soon as the Info comes in.


    Tonight's episode will look at the Reilly-Shortall relationship once more.
    Apologies for rushing to make the thread after a plethora of tweets 'confirmed' Reilly's appearance. Alas, the hairy Doc evades us tonight. Still should be good. Hogan and PS allowances will also get a peak in.

    Update on Norman:
    If you have been following these threads for the last week, you are in doubt aware our esteemed Piester, Norman, has been taken captive by the 'Red Ice Commandos' in Greenland. Just yesterday, we received a letter from the leader of the Communist group stating they are looking for a release fee of €1,000,000 from the Irish Government, signed by no other than Cael.
    Today, thankfully, I have good news. When found out about Norman's mission back in June, the Admin team decided to send IrishTom on a recce mission to Greenland to prepare for Norman's mission on the ground. This morning at approximately 03:49, IrishTom stormed the Guerrilas compound in Nuuk and successfully found and released Norman from his holding cell. Unfortunatly, Tom took a round to the lower abdomen and it is believed he did not make it. He shall go down on Martyrdom.
    I reconnected via Satellite with Norman this afternoon and he is holding up well. He is a bit upset over Tom, but he must concentrate on getting back to Ireland now. That was, until he was assigned another mission today. He is to fly directly from Greenland to Peru, where he will enter the Rainforest next week on a top secret mission.
    Tune in next Monday to see what Norman gets up to in Peru.
    To be Continued...

    What the Journalists Say:
    Alex White promotion welcomed - The Irish Times - Thu, Sep 27, 2012
    Pressure increases on Reilly after Shortall resignation | Irish Examiner
    Roisin Shortall resigns as junior health minister - RT News

    What the P.iesters say:
    Breaking: Roisin Shortall Resigns as Junior Minister
    Reilly changes Primary care list to suit himself
    A&E overcrowding, why can something so basic not be sorted out?

    Will Glenna get invited for the 3rd time in a row despite not getting a word in yet? Tune in to find out. Now here is somebody who is on; Deirdre OShaughnessy. Also Eoghan Corry.

    Aertv | Watch Irish TV live online
    Or tv3 catch-up through: Catch-up TV, Entertainment, News, Sport, Soaps and all your favourite Irish and International shows from TV3

    The Bourne Identity 22:45 ITV2. The Bourne Identity (2002 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Link to Previous Episiode's Thread:
    #VinB Wed 26/09/12 - Cabinet Full of Drama! Shortall, Reilly and Hogan.

    From me tonight, Goodnight.
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    stick it to the bollix vinny
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    Well fck a Pot Noodle!

    Opening a bottle of wine for this one
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    This could be legendary...
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    Ohh yesss! Fresh werewolf for supper!

    Well, maybe not fresh . . .
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    Well Terry Prone is well aware of Vinnies interviewers style, so Jamsie should be okay with this.
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    Could be interesting especially if it runs for the entire show. Next leader of the FG party on Vinnie's show?

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    Fair play to him for doing it but I think Vinny is going to destroy him.
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